Poulton with Fearnhead

Photo of Map of Poulton with Fearnhead from 1905
Poulton with Fearnhead 1905

The Parish Council area consists of the Borough Wards of Poulton South, Poulton North and parts of Poplars and Hulme. The population is approximately 16,700 covering 520 acres. The Parish Council is bordered by Cinnamon Brow in the north, Bruche Bridge in the west, the Spittle Brook in the east and the River Mersey in the South.

The Parish Council has 15 members elected for 4 Wards consisting of Blackbrook, Bruche, Longbarn, Fearnhead and Cinnamon Brow and Paddington. (Members details)

bennett recreation ground c 1955
Bennett recreation ground c 1955

Bennett Recreation Ground

The Parish Council owns Bennett Recreation Ground and leases other areas adjacent including Colivers Field and land to the north of Bennett Recreation Ground leading to Orford Road. Bennett Recreation Ground is designed for formal and informal recreation and the wooded area to the north has been cultivated for wildlife and also has a pond and wildflower meadows. A number of definitive footpaths crisscross the area.

Parish Council Staff

The Parish Council has 2 full time and 2 part time staff. These include 2 grounds men, a Clerk/Chief Financial Officer and a Secretary. The Grounds men maintain all the grassed and wildlife areas and are based at the sports facility on the recreation ground. The Parish Council rents an office in the Fearnhead Cross Centre,. Insall Road, Padgate.

The recreation ground is rented out to local rugby teams and there are 5 at the present.

Requests for Financial assistance

The Parish Council has a budget for grants to local organisations and applications should be made in writing to the Clerk giving full details . The criteria for grants is as follows.

a. grants can only be given for the benefit of parishioners
b. grants will normally relate to capital expenditure and not ongoing revenue expenditure, except where there are special circumstances demonstrated
c. Grants will normally be restricted to £50, except where there are special circumstances demonstrated.